Nicole Sarrocco

Hi, everyone! Check the Occasionally True page for a full list, but join me at upcoming events in Durham (The Regulator, October 13) and in Richmond, VA (Fountain Bookstore, November 15). More events will be coming soon!


Nicole Sarrocco is the author of the Occasionally True series of novels, beginning with Lit By Lightning (2015) and continuing with Ill-Mannered Ghosts (previewing now!), as well as the poetry collection Karate Bride (2005). Her poems have appeared in various journals, most recently in Kakalak and forthcoming in North Carolina Literary Review 2017. She lives inside the Beltline but outside the city limits of Raleigh, NC, in a haunted house with her husband, daughter, son, dog, and groundhogs. Most days you’ll find her teaching English and History to the high school students at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Besides novels and poems, she’s been writing essays, memoir, plays, screenplays, critical reviews, weird little songs, polite letters of complaint, manifesti, epigrams, mean-spirited rhymes, extended-dance screeds, knock-knock jokes, fortune cookie messages, charming anthems for imaginary nations, and detailed lists since about 1970 or thereabouts. Her deviled eggs are worthy, but her pound cake will make you cry.

She lives in mortal terror of poultry in all its many-feathered forms.